BEES pollinates 70% of the agricultural crop we need to survive, where will we be without them? BEEngo Farm is a bee sanctuary and a place to BEE happy.


BEES are the LIFEBLOOD of the FOOD CHAIN, where will we be without them? RUN for OUR BEES is a FUN RUN with a twist.

Runners are required to do TREE PLANTING (trees that are good for bees) that can help bees to propagate and multiply.

Saving Bees is like Saving the Earth since 85% of plants and trees exist because of the bees. Therefore, Saving bees is one of the most effective ways to fight against Global Warming. This event is also a fund raising activity to help the EMPOWERED FARMERS ASSOCIATION of SAN VICENTE to be able to establish a communal for the group that will help them uplift their morale and social status through farming and agriculture.

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